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Educate, Inspire & Elevate The Next Generation.

Creating Unique learning Experiences


Our purpose

We promote Canadian values and concepts with its post-secondary education programs to international students. 

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With 4 campuses across Canada, Hanson Education Group offers the total solution for international students seeking a Canadian education, our solution is seamless, integrated and inclusive.

We are motivated by student success.

We nurture our students with the knowledge and skills essential for personal and professional development.

4 Campuses

Our campuses in Ontario (Brampton, North York, and Toronto) and British Columbia (New Westminster) give students an exciting, metropolitan study experience.

Proven Success

Our students' willingness to learn coupled with the rich experiences of our instructors has helped us develop programs to assist students in elevating their careers in Canada.

Over 10,000 Graduates

Our growing community is a result of quality education that we cultivate, responding to the needs of our students as well as the community.

Always Improving

While our community has grown, our need to adapt has too. We are always striving to better our organization and support its members for optimal success.

Our Leadership Team

Get to know the members of our Executive Council who embody our philosophy and drive our success forward.

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